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Lagging Body Parts

Ask most gym-goers how much progress they’ve made on their current programme and I bet you they can’t answer it. Usually they either don’t have a training programme or it just isn’t working.

The thing about training programmes is, they’re only as good as the person doing it. If the programme isn’t suited to you, your body and your goals, and if you haven’t been shown how to properly execute movements with precision and accuracy, you’ve failed before you’ve even started.

Bad times.

This is why all these free ‘cookie cutter’ plans you can find on every training website or in every health magazine are most of the time, a waste of the paper they’re written on.

Results come down to the execution and intensity of a programme that suits you, that’s it. No fads, no ‘next best thing’, basic and effective methods that have worked for decades will still work – as long as they’re suited to your body.

My job is to help you get the body you want by doing what works for you, not for anyone else.

Wayne Baxter

I would have given up after about, 5/6 weeks, and now I'm 6 months down the line with Andy and I actually have a GOAL I'm sticking to. I want to be fit, healthy and look good and Andy gets that, he knows what I want. He's changed my life and I really enjoy training with him

Personal Trainer Doncaster
Personal Trainer Doncaster
Ryan McAllister

When I started with Andy at the start of 2015 – me and Andy had 5 months to get ready for the ‘Tough Mudder’ event in August. I’ve seen a huge change in fitness levels and mentally too. 50% has been my own mentality – doing what he tells me to do, but the other 50% has been Andy just leading me and pushing me forwards

Confused With All The Conflicting Information?

Don’t be. Like I said earlier, what works for your favourite Instagram fitness model won’t necessarily work for you.

Just because someone on social media has a snapchat account posting free workouts doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. Be careful who you take advice from, regardless of how many followers they have on Instagram or Facebook.

I understand that there’s a little more to getting results and getting the body you want than “You should bench press for a bigger chest” – as, to be honest, most people shouldn’t bench press as it’s a poor choice for their biomechanical makeup.

Personal Trainer Doncaster

Why Should You Work With Me?

  •  I can help you get rid of the stubborn body fat and get you seeing muscle gains in weeks
  • I can show you how to set up a programme for you that actually works, how to progress it, what to do when your progress stalls and how often you'll need to back off
  • Simple and easy to implement nutritional strategies that fuel your workouts & get you fast results without feeling like you're living on rabbit food
  • I'll show you where most people go wrong in their training & nutritional strategies, and how you can avoid their mistakes to develop a physique you didn't think was possible naturally
  • I'll help you to move away from the exercises that are limiting your progress, and show you what alternatives are better suited to your physiology so you can break through muscle building plateaus
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